Le sexe dans l'espace
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Jan Davis et Mark Lee en 1991
Elena Kondakova et Valery Polyakov en 1990 dans la station Mir

Světlana Jevgenij Evna Savicka dans mir 1982? ... na-savicka ... m/70.shtml ... onauts.jpg ... space.html ... s&Itemid=6

Mars 500 ... oscou.html

"Pour composer cet équipage, les responsables de l'expérience ont renoncé à la mixité et à une différence culturelle trop importante, échaudés par la précédente expérience d'isolement, Sfincss. Cette simulation s'est déroulée à l'IBMP de juillet 1999 à mars 2000, dans une ambiance délétère de Loft story spatial. «Le noyau dur de l'équipage était composé d'un Russe, d'une Canadienne et d'un Japonais, auxquels venaient s'ajouter des visiteurs», se souvient Guillemette Gauquelin-Koch. «Les caractères, ou plutôt les modes d'expression culturels, du Russe et du Japonais se sont vite révélés incompatibles. Le paroxysme de l'expérience a été atteint à Noël, lorsque, après avoir bu pas mal de vodka, le Russe a tenté d'embrasser la Canadienne. Un autre Russe s'est interposé et les deux hommes en sont venus aux mains, se jetant les gâteaux à la figure. Du sang a même coulé !» Résultat : le Japonais a abandonné l'expérience, le Russe fautif a été enfermé dans un caisson séparé et la Canadienne a crié publiquement au «harcèlement sexuel». "
Image ... 00412.html
" Dr. Tatiyana Agaptseva, a Russian physician, lived in the isolation chamber for a week. She had two male subordinates.

"I did not have any problems with the men in the chamber," Dr. Agaptseva told "I would say that overall, a Russian woman cannot have any problem in the company of 10 men. Russian women know how to turn any situation to their own advantage. I would say that I am really sorry for women who are fighting for equality with men. Personally I liked the way I was discriminated in the chamber. Male [crew members] tried to ease my workload and tried to make my stay as comfortable as possible.""

"Canadian physician, Dr. Judith Lapierre, tells a different tale. She was in the chamber for 110 days. "Somebody pulled me by my arm and tried to kiss me. Of course, we are not talking about [rape], but for me it was a high level of sexual harassment and if women don't stand up, the next thing that happens is usually that. I pushed the guy, but then I was told that in Russia I just should just give him a slap in the face. However, it is not my way of handling such things."

Culture and Tension During an International Space Station Simulation: Results from SFINCSS'99 ... 1/art00009 ... ext%2fhtml ... 89FCAC9B3A

" Mixed gender crews should include more
than one woman, an important issue to avoid the po-
tential psychological pressure put on sole female crew-
members in terms of gender relations "
Hormonal changes during a long term isolation (SFINCSS-99 project)

Larina, I.; Custaud, M.; Gauquelin-Koch, G.; Gharib, C.; Grigoriev, A.; Nichiporuk, I.
34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, The Second World Space Congress, held 10-19 October, 2002 in Houston, TX, USA., meeting abstract
Long duration of space mission and functioning in Earth's orbit of the International Space Station make humans put up with spatial constraint for many months. From previous studies, it appears that confinement and inactivity can induce great psychological and physiological modifications by social and sensory deprivation. SFINCSS-99 experiment had the goal to determine the cardiovascular and the hormonal pattern of blood volume regulating hormones responses. Simulation experiments were performed in pressurized chambers outfitted with technical infrastructure including the systems for air regeneration, thermal and humidity air control, power supply, communications, TV monitoring, gas analysis and local electronic network. Three groups of test-subjects were functioning in parallel in adjacent modules, which mocked the ISS Russian and others segments. One33 crew (group I) occupied the 100 m module and the others the 200 m module (II &III). They could communicate and work together. Group I consisted from Russian males- volunteers aged of 37 to 48 who spent 240 days in chamber. Group II included 4 males (one German and three Russians) aged from 27 to 45, spent 110 days in isolation. In blood samples, drawing before, during and after isolation's period hormones were determined, in urine samples - excretion of hormones, electrolytes, nitrites, nitrates, and osmolality. The increase of plasma volume (hematocrit decrease in Group I was 13,2%: 42,7+/-0,5 vs 39,2+/-1,2; p< 0,05; in Group II - 4,1%: 44,3+/-1,0 vs 43,3+/-2,6) in association with a tendency to decrease in plasma renin activity (in Group I 13,1+/-3,5 vs 27,8+/-6,0) was likely to be due to decreased sympathetic activity, this do agree with the changes in urinary catecholamine (CA) during confinement. Urinary CA were significantly higher during the recovery period than during confinement (in Group I 341+/-44 vs 240+/-19, p< 0,05). This suggests that the sympathoadrenal system was activated, and agrees with the increase of heart rate. The ratio of nitrite/nitrate in urine, an indicator of NO release, didn't show significant changes. In this experiment Bystritskaia noted a presence of phase in adaptation process approximately 60 days long, the similar facts were obtained by Gushin V., who showed the presence of about 60-days rhythm of communication activity (oral and written). Analysis of data suggests that duration of isolation was a factor mainly for regulation of hormones but all physiological systems are highly influenced by confinement, which can decrease the capacity for work of the person.

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Merci Yann pour ces nombreux liens ! Étonnant ou pas d'ailleurs que le sujet déchaine tjs autant les passions qu'elles soient in ou extr apesanteur ! :D
Mais ceci-dit cela fait largement rêver....
A quand le "spaceBDSM" ?! :P

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